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Tasneem Bungalowala


About Tasneem

Tasneem Ali Bunglowala is a Shamanic Facilitator, Access Consciousness Certified facilitator, tarot reader, energy healer, computer engineer, corporate trainer, life coach and mother of two handsome young men.


She has been empowering people to create a greater life for themselves  for over a decade.


She believes that each one of us is born with unique capacities and has the potency to create magic.


She provides in-person and online sessions as well as facilitates Shamanic Practitioners course under UnearthOneEarth, abundance program, Access bars and The Foundation workshops.


She is gifted with clairvoyance capacities during Shamanic journeys, allowing her to get the cause of issue, receiving the appropriate guidance from the Spirit guides and creating permanent changes. She is passionate about transforming lives leading people to their greatness and true potency.

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