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Nithya Chellam
a healer & Author

Nithya Chellam is the founder of Chellam Healing Centre that focuses on working with minds to shift realities.

She works on counselling and life coaching apart from being an IT professional and a mother.

She is a Reiki grandmaster, Redikall Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Access Consciousness Facilitator, tarot Reader, Shamanic Facilitator an Angel Communicator and Leaf Touch Therapist.. She has empowered people to shift lives towards awareness, different perspectives and a better journey of life.

She is also the founder of Unearth One Earth Spirit of Evolution that empowers people to evolve to be more conscious and move towards oneness through Shamanic Spirit Arts.

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A place called Home

Some of us have a longing to belong somewhere, we feel that we do not fit in anywhere and with anyone.

Some of us would like to live and be in a place of joy, peace, and happiness.

This book is intended to expand your space and knowing about life.

May you find "A place called home for you" that nurtures you to become who you truly are.

"Home is not just a place, it is the space you can be.

Be that space for yourself and everyone around.

Whoever seeks your shelter, let them in.

Whoever chooses to leave, let them be.

Whoever leaves and reconnects, welcome them back.

You can chose this irrespective of what anyone else chooses."

Communion Symbols

Your connection to nature's spirit. 

Have you ever wondered how the energy of nature can flow in your hands? Use these symbols to get their nature in your very hands to open up yourself to unlimited possibilities. Welcome to the new age of connecting with nature like never before.

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