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B4 Sculpting
Body, Being, Bones and Blood Sculpting
Pure Hands Energy Work to Reshape Your Body, Drop Inches & Sizes, Strengthen Bones and Change Diseases, in minutes.

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My B4 Sculpting Journey:

Communion symbols came to me when I

started liking myself more and with the water symbol my body reduced very fast , however being a foodie I would eat and compensate maintaining a steady  weight whilst being a glutton. 


This year I expanded on the communion symbols to create B4 Sculpting that actually help lose inches in 30 mins, required for me and create for me to use primarily. I dropped all the excess weight on my back and most parts of my body over a period of time. My tummy still responds to how I eat but I have been able to change even my eating habits finally with the evolution of the symbols into this new amazing modality.
Come join us to change your body , fall in

love with your body and experience magic beyond anything else.

Pictures speak a thousand words, check out my pictures and also participants pictures below.

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  • Would you like to change the size and shape of your body with no side effects?

  • Would you like to learn and create magic for other bodies too?

  • For the first time ever, a 4 days treat for your body where it changes, comes alive, becomes lighter and healthier.

All of this with energies and symbols only, no machines, oils or chemicals.... Learn the Magic of you your hands and drop the inches.

First 2 days :

  • Tummy Tuck

  • Back Toning And Sculpting

  • Facials


Next 2 Days :

  • Nerve Changing

  • Blood Purification

  • Arm , Legs and Butt Sculpting

  • Breast lifting (theory only)

  • Bone Strengthening


What Participants say:


Sangiita Kochhar 

My back is Leaner, my bloating is gone and I feel so Different in my face !


Namita Balaji

I am way leaner before i walked into this course; feeling so much better and fun in my body.

Kavita Kapoor Khalsa

My Tummy is a couple of inches less, I am feeling much lighter; The pinching pain in my back is gone ! My thighs are toned and firm. I recommend this class.

Arjun Paul

This class can be described as Magic!!!!! Whatever I did my body was not changing till this class! My back is straighter and I feel taller!!

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Feedback on Shamanism Course by Nithya Chellam - Founder Unearthoneearth

Feedback on Shamanism Course by Nithya Chellam - Founder Unearthoneearth

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