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Tarantula animal spirit guide -

If a Tarantula comes to your space the message for you is -

1) You have created a complicated web specially of people around you in your life and u are now aware of the parts of the web which you may not be so happy with.

2) It is time for you to re look at what you have created, redo parts of the web. You can't completely let this go since this is also home for you.

3) People who were once part of your web and left you will start showing up again in your life and will be your choice on how to proceed with this and do be alert on what their true intentions are.

4) Do not allow people who can't receive who you are at this time.

5) Go forward by going back in time and finding things in your web that you used to like but let go for some reason.

Call upon a Tarantula when -

1) When you are aware that you have created something but not sure where it is heading.

2) When you perceive many complications around people specially those you used to trust. 3) When you would like to redo a lot of stuff and are looking for a fresh start.

4) To unleash more potential in you and show you what more you can create and institute in life.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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