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Hyena Animal Spirit Guide

Hyena Animal Spirit Guide:

If a hyena comes into your space, the message for you is -

1) There will be new opportunities handed to you, so keep a look out and grab them.

2) It is time for you to find a group of people who work best with you and spend time with them.

3) You will start on a deep self healing journey to heal yourself that will increase your awareness.

4) It is time to laugh and have lots of fun.

5) You will be guided on when to show your self and when to not, when you should speak and when you should not. Trust your intuition on this.

6) Keep your eye opens, the universe is ready to hand you good things in life with ease, be open to receiving this.

Call upon a hyena animal spirit guide -

1) When you want to have a good laugh and lots of fun.

2)When you feel lost and wish you have a set of people you can call your own.

3) When you are stuck and wish you want a new set of opportunities to open up in life.

4) When you want to be in a vibration where things to be handed over to you without putting in lots of effort.

Enjoy the reading.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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