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Dodo Animal Spirit Guide

Dodo Animal spirit guide-

If a dodo animal spirit guide comes into your space -

1) Your innocence is your biggest strength and that makes you who you are.

2) Focus on your aura and expanding your energy body.

3) A lot of your childlike qualities of being playful and creative that you may have suppressed will start surfacing again.

4) Eat a lot of fruits to help keep you healthy.

5) You will be fly buy right now staying grounded is more important.

6) You are going to start a beautiful spiritual journey to create a deep connection with your spirit like Shamanism.

Call upon a Dodo spirit guide -

1) When you wish you were better off without the part of a reality that you have today and want to be innocent as you were once before.

2) When you want to be playful and creative to create without hindrance like a child.

3) When you seek to find more about your inner spirit.

4) You get spaced out and may need lots of grounding.

Enjoy the reading.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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