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Clown Fish

Clown Fish Animal Spirit Guide: If a clown fish shows up in your space, then the message for you is

1) You have an ability to make people around you laugh no matter what state of mind you are in.

2) You can sense when people are about to make a mistake that you have made in the Past and u will try your best to help them avoid making that mistake.

3) People who are harsh and enemies to everyone else will surprisingly end up treating you well, that is the energy and space you can hold.

4) You have overcome a deep phase of hurt in your life and now it's time to have lots of fun.

5) You can camouflage your self when u need to be hidden. Call upon a clown fish when -

1) You want to easily blend in amongst people you are not comfortable with.

2) When you feel you are crazy enough to befriend an enemy.

3) When you want to laugh at your self and have fun.

4) When you are reminded of past hurts, call the clown fish and you will end up smiling at your memories.

5) When you want to make others around you laugh. Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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