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Dr. Charu Chopra


Dr. Charu

Dr. Charu Chopra is driven by the desire to unleash locked human potential and tap into the boundless gifts of the universe. She is a Doctor, Healer and an Energy Transformational Coach. She is an M.D Homeopathy, Shamanic Facilitator, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Talk to the Entities Facilitator, Facelift Facilitator. She has expertise in NLP and Creative Movement Therapy.


She uses her knowledge of conventional medicine along with consciousness and transformative energy. Her work ranges from relationship-building, stress-free living, decision making, mindful parenting, finding people’s potency, conscious-subconscious syncing, overcoming addiction to spiritual awareness.


She transforms situations by creating a realm of possibilities for people to tap into their inner knowing and their freedom of choices. That is her way of contributing to society and creating a world of empowered beings.

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