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Toad Animal Spirit Guide

Toad Animal Spirit Guide

If a Toad comes into your space, the message for you is

1) You may feel a need for validation from others around you, understand that you are a beautiful creation of divine and don't need validation from anyone.

2) If you still need validation, the rain and rain god will give you that, connect to the beauty of the rains by drenching yourself.

3)You have the power to create the magic of rain (ie) you have the beauty to appreciate, bless and protect nature.

4) The situation you are going through requires self healing and do understand that you are strong enough to heal yourself.

5) Your presence will bring a smile others and you will be there only long enough to support them.

6) You may feel that no one see's the beauty in you but understand that only few people who are in tune with nature and themselves will be able to see your beauty and in turn they will find the beauty of themselves.

7) Sing your own song, which however may sound will appease the rain god.

Call upon a toad animal spirit guide when -

1) You are constantly seeking external validation.

2) When you just feel like experiencing the beauty of the rain and the rain God.

3) When you want to get in touch with Mother Nature.

4) When you have an urge to sing but may not believe in the beauty of your own voice.

5) When all the methods of healing you have done may not work, call the toad to discover how you have the power to heal yourself.

Enjoy the reading.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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