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Tadpole animal spirit guide - If a Tadpole comes into your space the message is -

1) You are a child of the stars so water will feel like your home. Connect to the water and do start swimming more.

2) In a few months you will grow up in all aspects of your life and then the way you present and express yourself to the world will change. What a transformation this is going to be?

3) This is a period where you may feel you have some free time in your hand, enjoy this time since after a few months lots more work is coming your way.

4) Time to go for the next spiritual course/book you were thinking about.

5) This time as you grow spiritually , your friends will grow with you and be with you.

Call upon a tadpole animal spirit guide - 1) When you want to enjoy water and swimming.

2) When you would like to manifest that job/work you are looking for.

3) When you want to overcome your own inner children and grow to be an adult.

4) When you are not clear where to go next on your spiritual journey.

5) To be OK and use free time as effective as possible with joy.

Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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