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Swordfish Animal

Swordfish Animal Spirit Guide -

If a swordfish comes to your space -

1) The people who hurt you a lot in the past may show up in your life again and yes they are still blaming you, it is really time for you to move on and let go from them for a greater reality.

2) You will discover a new aspect of yourself that will protect you.

3) You have all it takes to safeguard yourself, at this point you will know that you are powerful and don't need others to protect you.

4) Be assertive and it is time to break patterns specially if you are not able to say no.

5) Others may feel that you are too fast, don't let that stop you since you are very swift and precise you can move fast.

Call upon a Swordfish when -

1) When you need to find that aspect of you which can protect you.

2) When you do not want others opinions to bother you, because deep within you know you are something greater than what they see.

3) When you need to learn to be assertive.

4) To let go of the people who hurt you in the past.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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