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Sun Symbol

The Sun Symbol -

1. Helps you tap into the energy of the sun

2.Helps become more energetic and refreshing, does not relax like other reiki symbols

3.Helps with Vitamin D deficiency

4.Helps burn out negativity and also helps cleanse.

5.Improves confidence when used on solar plexus chakra.

6.When feeling cold, helps keep warm

7.Works for reiki channels who have done level 2 Usui reiki or above

Channeled by Nithya Chellam, Chellam Healing Centre, Bangalore

First Symbol of new Stream of reiki – ELEMENTAL REIKI.

With elemental reiki – learn to connect to moon, stars, rain, earth etc and feel the energy

of elements.

To know how to use the Sun symbol watch Nithya's video below

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