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Sugar Glider

Message from Sugar Glider animal spirit guide -

1) Lots of sugary and sweet things in different forms and shapes will come your way shortly.

2) Spend more time with kind and sweet people who will enhance your being and enable you to glide and fly.

3) It is time to revisit all the nice details that you missed in the larger picture.

4) Time to make a re connection with your mother or anyone mother like.

5) Your clairnascient skills are the best so if you smell foul be alert.

Call upon a sugar glider when -

1) You would like more sugar and sweetness in life.

2) You would like to glide with the flow of life with more ease.

3) When you are in search of people who are really kind and can contribute to be.

4) When you would like to heal the relationship with your mother or anyone mother like.

5) When you would like to reconnect to those people who were once kind to you but seem no longer to be in your space.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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