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Snail Animal Spirit Guide:

If a Snail comes into your space,

then the message for you is -

1) However big or small, you will leave a mark on the trail you go meaning that you will touch the life of people you meet in one way or another.

2) You may be at a distance from your family but know that home is always with and within you.

3) You may feel that you are moving slow but do understand that you are moving at exactly the right pace the universe wants you to move at.

4) A diet of green leaves and vegetables is what your body will need now.

5) Be open minded to slowly get a new diverse set of friends, they will come in all different sizes and shapes.

6) When you feel hurt or threatened just roll up into yourself for sometime.

Call upon a snail animal spirit guide:

1) When you miss your family or home and long to be with them.

2) When you want to understand what is the difference/contribution you make in other's life or in the universe.

3) When u feel things are moving very slow, the Snail will help you understand that things are moving at the right pace.

4) When you feel a need to coil up in your own space.

5) When you want to be unseen to the world around you.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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