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Puffer Fish

Puffer fish animal spirit guide - If a Puffer Fish comes in your space, the message for you is

- You have started realizing your true power and you are going to start mastering this in few months.

- At times you need to be assertive and show your true power to others lest they don't take

- You for granted. Don't hesitate to do this when needed.

- You may feel that are a different person with different people.

- You are learning to be the energy you need to be with each person.

- You can perceive that u are much bigger than what u are now.

- If you are often getting angry, see how you can use this as a potency or to your benefit. Call upon a Puffer Fish - when you need to be assertive. - when you need to adapt around different people.

- when you are not able to control your anger and to effectively address this.

- when you know you are very powerful and yet want to feel light. Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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