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Oyster animal spirit guide

1) Situations around may seem tough , it is time to know that are really strong even if the problem seems big.

2) Protect the wisdom that you have - not everyone will receive it now but later it will be useful when the time is right.

3) You have the ability to turn around anything neutral into something much greater.

4) Close yourself and be with yourself for sometime if you feel like.

5) Any guidance your are seeking will have to come from within you.

Call upon an Oyster when -

1) There is a perception or energy around you where the tides seem harsher than usual.

2) When time and Tide seem not to abide to you and that is only because more information or processing is required by you.

3) when you feel that you are being tested to break your patience.

4) Even if you know you are strong but can't seem to believe in it anymore.

5) When you are seeking your own wisdom over what others tell you.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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