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Okapi Animal Spirit Guide

A lot of you may have heard of animal spirit guides. Animals use their strengths and play beautifully to their strengths to live. There is a lovely book called Animal spirit guides from Steven D Farmer which is my bible from which I am inspired to write about some rare animal spirit guides that may not be available everywhere for everyone's benefit.

Okapi Animal Spirit Guide:

Okapi is an animal spirit guide that is half a giraffe and half a zebra, a very beautiful animal (like all animals and I love all animals).

If you see or hear about an Okapi, this is the message for you -

1) You are a multiple dimension being who has more than one personality.

2) You feel others don't really get who you are because you are a different person during different situations.

3) You may mean something but be careful as people around you perceive something else. You think you are a giraffe but others see you as a Zebra but you are a combination of both so re-look both perceptions.

4) You have more potential and you think u have and you will discover that you have more than one strengths.

5) Your life is a paradox where multiple opposing views on the same thing will be there and you may be torn feeling that both the points of view are right.

When to call the Okapi animal spirit guide -

1) Call upon the Okapi spirit guide when you are confused about who you are to find out that all parts of your personality belong to you and how you can discover to integrate these with ease.

2) Call upon the Okapi spirit guide to find your very own strengths and uniqueness.

3) Call upon the Okapi spirit guide when you need to stand very tall for yourself and yet be very humble.

4) Call upon the Okapi spirit guide when you feel that you are different and judge yourself for not being able to fit with others, when you fell out of place.

Many many thanks to my inspiration, friend, mentor, guide, Shaman and much much more (much more than words can describe, but you get it) ... Cynthia Turrentine.

Dedicating this message to Cynthia and Steven 😊.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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