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Nurse Shark

Nurse shark animal spirit guide:

1) You are moving into a space of nurturing yourself and oneness.

2) You are asked to keep a lookout for nurturing the environment and earth too.

3) You are very special and it is time to figure new positive possibilities that may be unique , to move forward and stop using or getting bogged down by conventional methods.

4) Even though you have not harmed anyone , people may still harm you or judge you - since you are a rare species you will find ways to overcome this and also it is better to keep away from such people.

5) You may require lots of rest , time to rest specially in the day time. You may work better at night times.

6) Time for residual healing to let go the unwanted patterns once and for all.

Call upon a Nurse Shark-

1) When you are feeling tired or lethargic for few days at a stretch.

2) When you desire to relax and rest.

3) When people who you think are like you turn out to be something else and you are not sure what to do.

4) When you feel like nurturing everyone around but have a fear or how they may react or perceive this.

5) When you feel stuck specially after doing lots of contribution to lots of people.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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