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Damselfly Animal Spirit guide:

If a Damselfly comes to your space the message for you is -

1) You know you are different yet you may still have a need to fit in with others, it's time to embrace yourself for who you are.

2) You will find others who seem like your pair yet it may not be the same person at all times.

3) You may be in a cocoon phase right now where a lot of parts of you seem dormant but they are actually metamorphosizing into something greater, so be patient.

4) The web you have got yourself into may not be yours, your cocoon will protect you till the time is right to comes out.

5) Expect metamorphic changes to occur in the next few months.

6) You may have a lot of hunger pangs,  this is actually a hunger for knowledge and growth and may not be food.

Call upon the Damselfly when:

1) You feel over hungry or have a tendency to overeat.

2) You know the time will come but yet have lot of impatience

3) You are stuck in a web that you are not able to decipher or may not be yours.

4) You would like your reality to shift in metamorphic ways but not sure how to go about it.

5) You still long to fit in with others despite knowing that this is not the best choice for you. 

Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Center

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