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Loch Ness Animal Spirit Guide

Loch Ness Animal Spirit Guide - If the Loch Ness animal spirit guide shows up in your space, this is the message for you -

1) Refresh yourself and embark on a new healing journey either to heal self or others and this journey has potential to become legend.

2) In the next 7 months, your name and the work you do will reach out to more people such that even if people have not seen you, they will still hear about you.

3) If your communication has been hindering you, the way you communicate with others is going to improve.

4) Your skin issues if any will get better in a few months.

5) You will start understanding where your soul originated from if you are willing to go deeper within.

Call upon Loch Ness animal spirit guide -

1) When you want to find out where your soul originated form.

2) To heal any skin problems.

3) To attract name, fame and recognition.

4) When you want to pen down/write about your life story/journey.

5) To improve/open your throat chakra to be able to communicate better.

Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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