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Guinea Fowl Spirit Guide

Guinea Fowl Spirit Guide

If a Guinea fowl comes into your space -

1) You have figured that life is not always black or white (right or wrong) and there is a lot of grey areas too, embrace these.

2) If you want to be out of the grey area, it is time to connect to the light of your higher self.

3) You may feel domesticated and do things to fit in the structure but deep within you know you are wild and your own person - start expressing more of this.

4) You know you have lots of potential but you are not able to fly high with your wings, know that these wings have potential to do much more than only fly high and this is going to open up for you.

5) You will be able to provide happiness in one way or the other to the people around you.

6) There may be travel in cards to a place of natural beauty.

Call upon a Guinea fowl when -

1) Life becomes mundane with the systems in place and you find it hard to express the real you.

2) When you believe in your potential but still unsure what will happen if you fly.

3) When you wish to connect with nature and trees in places near or far.

4) When you want to spread your happiness to others but be careful not to do this at the cost of hurting yourself.

Enjoy the the reading!

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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