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Saber Toothed Tiger

Saber Toothed Tiger Animal Spirit Guide -

If a Saber tooth tiger comes to your space, the message for you is -

1) Everything that you postponed or were doing slowly will start falling into place and pick up pace.

2) It is time to start getting into action and start doing what you think.

3) Live life by your own philosophy , no one else's philosophy is needed for u.

4) The environment may be cold, people around you may be cold, even friends may be cold but you are warm and taken care of.

5) Its time for you to run miles and miles ahead and prosper, just believe in yourself.

Call upon a Saber Toothed Tiger when -

1) You get too many ideas and philosophies from others on how to live your life and are unsure of which to follow.

2) When you get cold vibes from a lot of people and even friends around you.

3) When you want to move really fast on that target you need to achieve.

4) When you need the strength to believe in your self.

5) When you feel the pace or progress of the work you have done starts slowing down.

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