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Easel Animal Spirit Guide - If an Easel comes into your space, the message for you is

1) Live free today and live in the here and now because only the now is true.

2) You have found new wings today and it is time to use them to fly higher.

3) You have the capability to give pleasure to others for free or at low cost.

4) It is best to enjoy this new found wings amidst the rains and nature.

5) If you have been working too hard, time to relax, enjoy and pamper yourself today.

Call upon an easel animal spirit guide - 1) When you want to enjoy the here and now.

2) When you feel you got rewarded for your hard work but still are confused how to use those rewards.

3) To feel lighter and freer and to get the power to let go or lift you up in life.

4) When you are not able to relax.

Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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