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Blue Mockingbird Animal Spirit Guide

Blue Mockingbird Animal Spirit Guide -

If a blue mockingbird shows up in your space, the message for you is -

1) Yes you are young and vibrant but you soul is very wise, tap into your inner wisdom to be more young and vibrant.

2) You may react differently to different people because adaptability is your biggest.

3) Your biggest value/lesson that will serve you is to learn to be free of any values.

4) Understand that your communication is beyond words and your movement and body language will communicate what words can't say.

5) Do you mock the people around you with sarcasm? Or on a positive note maybe you are just reflecting who they are.

6) Time to travel somewhere down south.

Call upon a Blue Mockingbird when -

1) When you feel trapped by the values/believes that you have.

2) When you want to communicate and get the message through one way or the other.

3) When you need to adapt to be around different kinds of people.

4) When you want to shift from being sarcastic to be in a space of being more compassionate and understanding.

5) When you want to fly to be free.

- Channeled by Nithya Chellam Chellam Healing Centre

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