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About Namita

Meet Namita A Balaji, the heart and soul behind Prakritee, your sanctuary for healing and transformation. With a profound journey spanning over 15 years as a healer, Namita intertwines the wisdom of foot reflexology, the transformative power of Family Constellations, and the deep insights of Transpersonal Regression Therapy, among other modalities, to guide you toward a life filled with ease, joy, and abundance. But Namita's expertise doesn't end there; she is also a Shaman, passionately initiating souls into the mystic realms of shamanic arts through personalized sessions and enlightening classes. 


Namita's connection with the natural world is nothing short of magical. She dances with the rhythms of the earth, listening to its whispers and translating its wisdom for the healing of her clients. Her innate understanding of the universe's intricate dynamics allows her to navigate its complex web, finding paths of resolution and transformation that others might miss. With Namita, embark on a journey not just of physical healing, but of soulful exploration, where the boundaries between the self and the cosmos blur, leading to profound healing and discovery.

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